Imagine that you would have never expected to see this sentence when you first opened the article on the different types of jeans for men. We are here, alas. Let’s go with the flow, shall we?

You can go in many directions with your life. You can wear jeans to work, happy hour, coffee runs, or music festivals. Casual dates, day hikes, and international travels are also possible. The point is jeans. The jeans are the central theme. Denim is a common choice for any activity. Why do you always wear the same style?

Men can wear a variety of jean styles. Diversifying your denim is the best way to maximize your comfort.

Men should have these 11 different types of jeans in their closets.

Key Takeaways

It is easy to fall into the trap of grabbing the first pair you find comfortable and calling it good. With so many types of denim available, choosing your jeans is essential based on what you do and how you live. My list of 11 types of men’s jeans is only a tiny part of the picture, but it will help you compare the most popular and versatile options.


Straight-leg jeans are the most versatile and universal of all men’s jeans. Do you not believe me? Don’t you believe me? There they are. You wear three pairs of straight-leg denim jeans every week, but you never bother to classify them.

There are many jean styles available for men. But this one should be your go-to. Stock up, and you will always be able to wear the fitting jeans for any occasion, whether it’s a casual dinner or a leaf-peeping date that ends with clinking hot toddy glasses by the roaring fireplace.


Recently, loose-fitting jeans have seen a revival. Before you jump on the 90s bandwagon and throw caution to the winds, remember that the look requires a sartorial sense to pull off today.

Loose-fit jeans offer comfort and freedom of movement. A loose fit at the thigh and knee areas usually characterizes them. It’s a look that lets your personality shine. Pair these jeans with an untucked sweater or a flannel. But don’t overthink it. Save the rules for your straight-leg section.


The regular-fit jeans want to get along. These jeans are a must-have for the average person with average legs. This fit allows for a wide range of motion, so these jeans are equally at home on a hike as in an office.

This is the type of jeans you should keep in rotation if denim is not your priority. To elevate this simple style, stick to dark colors.


The rise of jeans is the distance from the crotch to the waist. As you would expect, low-rise jeans have the shortest distance between the crotch to the core. This is a niche style because it doesn’t fit all body types.

For example, if you are short, this is one type of men’s jeans that can make you appear shorter. The illusion of longer legs is created by adding more material to the waist, which low-rise jeans do not have. For best results in the pulling-this-look-off category, keep your shoes and shirt casual when you’re wearing these.


Mid-rise jeans offer an excellent middle ground. The waistband is usually located between the belly button and the waist. Not too high. Not too high. Not too high.

This style is perfect for tucking your shirt. You can always go right when you want to pair a tailored jacket with jeans. This looks suits men of all heights since it does not sway in any extreme direction.


Although I am not the early ’60s Sean Connery or James Bond that I once aspired to be, I love high-rise trousers for their aesthetics and overall vibe. This look is best paired with a summer suit or linen. High-rise denim is an entirely different animal, but it can look amazing with the right shoes, shirts, and disposition.

This cut has a waistband above or at the belly button. It may initially seem like a throwback, but it’s a great look. These men’s jeans can make you appear taller if you are short. They can make you appear taller if you are tallWhat to Wear with This Denim? There are many options to elevate your style, from Havana shirts that billow out to your favorite T-shirt.


The tapered jeans have the same roominess as a straight-cut but with a more fitted appearance and feel. The cut is slimmer at the ankles and calves, but there’s still plenty of room for the waist and thighs. This is an excellent option if you have more muscle up north but prefer a fitted look.

Tapered jeans are an excellent option for almost any occasion. Remember that this is a casual style. Pair these jeans with tees, button-downs, or henleys. Crewneck Sweaters are also great—anything but a tailored coat.


Where did you go when you read “wide leg”?

Comfortable? Shapeless? Specific? JNCOs? You were often suitable if you answered the questions above (with possible/definite exceptions of JNCOs). The wide-leg jeans have a roomy fit from the thigh down to the ankle. This niche item is all for comfort and freedom of movement.

If your style skews streetwear and you have room in your closet and budget for this break-in-case-of-sartorial-emergency pair of jeans, go for it. Stick to a relaxed vibe, and commit. Your audience can tell if you are genuinely into the wide-leg look.


Bootcut jeans were initially designed to be worn over cowboy boots. Today’s bootcut jeans are no different. They’re just as accommodating to plain-toe or cap-toe boots, Chelsea Boots. The usually relaxed cut is used above the knees.

Bootcut jeans are definitely on the wild side in terms of style. These jeans have a distinct flair but without being overbearing. They are perfect for day hikes in Asheville, hunting trips, or brewery hopping. Was that too specific? It’s a sign of the bootcut gods.


Slim-fit jeans are not to be confused (we will get there), but they hug your legs’ silhouette without being constricting or form-fitting. The difference between skinny and slim fit is the generous jeans opening at their ankles. This makes them an excellent pair with a wide range of footwear.

Hello, thin guy. Hello, thin man. These will be a hit with you. You can dress them up by wearing a crewneck or button-down, equally well-fitted sweater. It should not be a surprise that tee shirts can also be worn. Just avoid baggy fitting, and keep the sneakers crisp.

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